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K – 12

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Math | Psychology | STEM | Biology & Anatomy

Lesson Plan Pricing

Virtual Private Lessons

$40.00 / hr

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Virtual Group Lessons

Two Students: $70.00 / hr

Three Students: $90.00 / hr

Four Students: $100.00 / hr

We offer both private and group lessons for all subjects.

Private Lessons

Our private one-on-one lessons are the best way for students who have issues focusing in groups or in class to learn. Private lessons are the best way to help students get up to speed.

Private lessons are excellent for students who want custom lessons that tailors to their exact needs.

The simple solution to all your educational needs!

Group Lessons

Peer-to-peer discussions help to encourage learning and viewing subjects from different perspectives. Our tutors will cater to each student’s strengths and weaknesses, preparing a lesson for each of them. Bring a friend and split the cost!

Our tutors are trained to tailor lessons to groups of up to four members. This ensures that our tutors don’t just help you with homework and assignments, but helps each individual learn in their personal style!

For those students that have difficulty focusing in groups, see our private lessons.