Post Secondary

Tired of untrained tutors who don’t teach you the skills you need to succeed?

We offer tutoring in:

Math | Psychology | STEM | Biology/Anatomy

In-Person Lessons

34.99 per hour

We are currently not offering in-person lessons.

Virtual Lessons

29.99 per hour

Virtual lessons are made to fit in to your busy student life! We work hard to provide a effective and inviting online learning experience for students of every age.

Worried if virtual lessons are right for you? Contact us for a free consultation!

Private Lessons

See In-Person and Virtual Lesson prices

Our private one-on-one lessons are created for students who want custom content tailored to their exact needs.

Group Lessons

Two Students: 39.99 / hr

Three Students: 44.99/hr

Four Students: 49.99/hr

Are you and your friends struggling in a class this semester?

Our group lessons are the perfect way for you all to find success! Our tutors are trained to tailor lessons to groups of up to four members. This ensure that our tutors don’t just help you with homework and assignments, but helps each individual learn in their personal style!

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