About us

Our Story

Platinum Choice Education started from a vision of supplying high quality education for a low price.

In our humble beginnings, Samuel Iarkov began as an independent tutor. He grew to understand that the need for education was bigger than what he could supply alone. He saw a great need for high-quality tutoring, and a supply of student tutors looking for work. The plan? To train high-achieving university students to be able to deliver tailored lesson plans to each of their own students.

And so, Platinum Choice Education was born.

In supporting us, you’re supporting our vision of high-quality, low-cost education for all. You’re also supporting high-achieving university students that have a passion for teaching, as well as a local Metro-Vancouver business.

Our Team

Ryan Tio


I’m Ryan, a current university student in Computing Science with a deep passion for teaching. I enjoy tutoring because it lets me give others the wonderful experience of understanding new things. I’ve had a year and a half of tutoring experience in all grades, and always have a good time helping students achieve what they want from a class.

Mateja Clifford


I’m from Toronto and I’m studying Engineering at UBC! I love all things outdoors — you’ll often find me hiking, climbing, or snowboarding! My favourite subject is physics, but I love and have tutored all sciences and math at many different levels. I love teaching what I am passionate about, and I’m excited to see what we both can learn from each other!

Cloudia Rodriguez


My name is Cloudia, and although I am originally from Vancouver, I am currently a Psychology student at the University of Ottawa. For the past 4 summers I worked as an Instructor and Supervisor at SFU Camps. Since beginning tutoring 3 years ago, I have worked with a variety of beautiful personalities, and seeing them flourish into confident students always brings me joy.

Oscar Lautsch


I’m Oscar, and I’m studying Mathematics at SFU! I love learning about science, math, and English, and helping students enjoy these subjects as well is a passion of mine. I have volunteered at SFU Camps for the past four years, so I have plenty of experience working with children of all ages. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing chess, and reading a good book.

Samuel Iarkov


Hello, I’m the founder of Platinum Choice Education! First off, thank you for taking a moment to to read over this section and take a look at our site. I hope that we’re able to cater to your educational needs!

Early in life, I discovered that I loved teaching others. It wasn’t until around 2019 that I had the chance to experiment with tutoring, and quickly found a passion for helping students learn. With the help of two generations of teachers in my family, my mother and my grandmother, I quickly found many effective ways to teach students.

Through my experience and my background, I have both a passion for teaching, and a knowledge of how best to help students learn.

Christina Gemino

Administrative Director

Bio coming soon!